Church Partners


Project Belong & The Church

The church is the foundation of the Project Belong ministry process.  Our desire is to empower and equip church leaders to support adoptive and fostering parents and to become an indispensable part of  its community.


Project Belongs Church Partners agree to the following:

  1. 1.Preach Adoption/Foster Care/Orphan Care

  2. 2.Have an appointed Orphan Care Ministry representative

  3. 3.    Present and advertise Project Belong’s opportunities

  4. 4.    Host Project Belong events like orientations, trainings, and parties

  5. 5.    Pastors may conduct Spiritual Interviews of prospective foster/adoptive families

  6. 6.    Financially support the mission of Project Belong

In return Project Belong provides these churches with:

  1. 1.    Resources of all Project Belong partners around the state

  2. 2.    Professional training

  3. 3.    Advocacy for families

  4. 4.    Administrative support

  5. 5.    Monthly Faith Klicks bulletin pray inserts featuring a waiting child or group.

This allows churches to focus on ministering to their families while Project Belong does all of the organization and management.