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Project Belong Family Partners

God is calling families to foster and adopt! Across our state, there are families who have the ability to care for a waiting child, either by temporarily providing a loving, safe and stable foster family or by permanently providing a loving, safe and stable FOREVER FAMILY.  The task is not always easy, and it takes effort, much more at times than one might ever imagine, but the blessings of answering God’s calling upon your family to care for a waiting child will be bountiful.

Committed, loving families are the building blocks of the ministry of Project Belong. Families who partner with Project Belong will experience their journey to fostering or adopting from a loving, supportive, faith-filled perspective.  As you embark on the adventure of a lifetime, Project Belong will stand alongside of you through each step of the journey.  


If you believe that God might be leading you to care for a waiting child, either through adoption, foster care, or respite care, you can learn more about Project Belong and the process of becoming an adoptive parent, foster parent or respite parent in Kansas through attending one of our events or presentations, by visiting, or by sending an email to  

See our Events page for upcoming 2014 events.  Feel free to invite your family and friends to join you at an event and learn about the process as well. If, after attending a Project Belong event, you would like more information, please contact us to discuss your interest and receive additional details about the Project Belong Family Partner Process or simply fill out the information at  We will work to answer your questions and provide you with information that will help you make the decision to pursue adoption, foster parenting or respite parenting.   Our process is a Christ-centered approach to training for adoption, foster care and respite care in Kansas.  Throughout our process, we strive to work in partnership with the state child placement agencies to give you the best experience possible with the ongoing support of our faith-based, Christ-centered program.

Visit for more information about becoming a Project Belong Family Partner.

Becoming a Project Belong Family Partner

  1. 1.Fill out the interest form at

  2. 2.Receive the application packet and begin the steps

  3. 3.Complete the Spiritual Interview process with your pastor

  4. 4.Attend the required trainings

  5. 5.Once the requirements of the application packet and process have been fulfilled, Project Belong connects you with the state child placement agency of your choice and provides ongoing support for your family.