Project Belong Process


Orientations, Training, and Support

Project Belong’s process begins with Church Presentations.  Families, their support systems (family and friends who want to support them in their journey), church partners, and community partners are all encouraged to attend.  You will learn valuable information about the following:

  1. BulletBasic information about the foster care and adoption process in Kansas

  2. BulletThe support offered by Project Belong during your journey

  3. BulletThe Waiting Children of Kansas and their needs

  4. BulletOverview of PS-MAPP training and Project Belong’s Christian Core training

Click HERE to view the Events page for upcoming Church Presentations, or request one at your church by e-mailing


The TRAINING PROCESS for a Project Belong Family Partner will include the following:

  1. BulletProject Belong’s Christian Core training, 12 hours

  2. BulletPS-MAPP, Kansas’ state-required training, 30 hours

  3. BulletCPR/First Aid, approx. 8 hours

  4. BulletCommunity Training, min. 2 hours

Project Belong will provide ONGOING SUPPORT for Family Partners in the following ways:

  1. BulletEquipping and supporting local church orphan care ministries to provide families with support at their church

  2. BulletProviding information to families on community resources, professionals, training opportunities, and more

  3. BulletOffering a lending library with resources on foster care, adoption, special needs, family dynamics, and more

  4. BulletAssisting families in creating their own personal support teams

  5. BulletConnecting new families with experienced foster and adoptive families

If you need help...

  1. BulletIf you need immediate help with an issue with your child call your case worker. Project Belong does not provide emergency assistance or off hours response services.

  2. BulletIf you are having an emergency call 911.